We deeply care about your privacy

Below you can find a comprehensive review of our policy in terms of data security, data privacy and safeness of your profile.

If you're interested in knowing more, or if you have any kind of doubts, please don’t hesitate to reach us at privacy@uniwhere.com.
If you need to, we can put you in touch with our legal team.

What we do:


We use your data to make some Uniwhere features possible, like the access to dedicated chatrooms with other students and access to statists about your University.


We use your data to filter some opportunities, like job offers and internships, tailored to your profile. We never communicate that data to our partners without your explicit consent.


If you do explicitly consent, and agree, we can put you in touch with potential employers interested in hiring you.

What we don't do:


We NEVER save your credentials on our servers. Your access login and password you input to have access to the app stay on your smartphone, securely encrypted, and we have no way of seeing them.


We NEVER sell or communicate your data to any third-party, advertiser, or client without your direct knowledge and your explicit consent.


We NEVER show your private information inside the app, not even your name inside the chatrooms. Uniwhere is a private and secure tool.